Integrated Matrix Policy




Integrated Matrix Policy

The purpose of the Integrated Matrix Policy is to define quality and security principles that Matrix Systems (Pvt.) Limited is committed to, in order to maintain leadership in the international competitive environment as a world class organization.


  1. Recognizing and respecting our customer’s right to receive secure and quality software products & services on time and within budgeted costs.

  3. Meeting or exceeding our customer’s expectations of correctness, reliability, testability, maintainability, usability, security and value for money.

  5. Making commitments that we fully understand and believe can be met.

  7. Engaging in effective utilization and development of our valuable human resources from quality and security perspective, through innovation and creativity.

  9. Developing an atmosphere of professionalism, fairness, integrity, security, trust and courtesy towards all stakeholders.

  11. Maintaining Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of customer’s and organization’s valuable informational assets against all internal, external, deliberate or accidental threats by assessing, treating, reviewing associated risks and accepting them as per criteria approved by management.

  13. Ensuring uninterrupted continuation of business and provision of services to our valued customers.

  15. Engaging in regular monitoring and thorough investigation of actual or suspected information security incidents.

  17. Ensuring compliance with legislative, regulatory and integrated management system’s requirements.

  19. Striving constantly to review and improve upon our integrated management system in consideration of both quality and security requirements.